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AIAS-HSI is the only interdisciplinary institute researching labour and employment in the Netherlands. Most of AIAS-HSI’s people are lawyers and sociologists. It also includes researchers in other disciplines such as economics and geography, however, yielding unique opportunities for monodisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. AIAS-HSI’s ambition is to give talented researchers from every discipline the chance to investigate labour and employment in the broadest sense.

All of AIAS-HSI’s research investigates the changes in labour and employment, both in the Netherlands and internationally, from a legal and interdisciplinary perspective. Those changes, and the changes to society’s ways of organising labour and employment, are triggered by a wide range of developments: globalisation, Europeanisation, migration, digitalisation and other technological developments, the increasing trend toward flexible and individualised solutions, etc. But do the regimented system of labour and employment and the associated employment laws, which are largely products of the twentieth century, still reflect the needs of the twenty-first century? Should society persist with them? How should the institutions that handle labour, employment and employment-related laws adapt to the evolving circumstances? What principles should be taken as guidelines for answering this question? That is the unifying theme underlying all AIAS-HSI’s research.