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Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences

Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences (SERISS) is a four-year project that aims to strengthen and harmonise social science research across Europe.

Focused around three key themes – key challenges facing cross-national data collection, breaking down barriers between research infrastructures, and embracing the future of social sciences – SERISS will address issues relating to survey design and data collection, data management and curation from a collaborative, cross-national perspective. The project will better equip Europe’s social science data infrastructures to play a major role in addressing the key societal challenges facing Europe today and ensure that national and European policymaking is built on a solid base of the highest-quality socio-economic evidence.
The project, which continues to 2019, is coordinated by Rory Fitzgerald, Director of the European Social Survey Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS ERIC) and involves collaboration with five other research infrastructures.

Dr. K.G. (Kea) Tijdens


Acroniem SERISS
Looptijd jul 2015 - Jul 2019
In opdracht van European Commission - Horizon 2020
Contract nummer 654221
Budget € 8 494 397
Partners European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS ERIC), City University London (uk) (coordinator)
  European Research Infrastructure Consortium for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE ERIC) - Munich (de)
  CESSDA AS (no)
  Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) (nl)
  Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant, Universiteit van Tilburg (nl)
  Universiteit van Amsterdam - AIAS (nl)