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List of publications AIAS-HSI

Results: 1 - 8 of 8
Results: 1 - 8 of 8
  • Between incremental changes and large shifts > The development of employment institutions in five EU countries and the United States (1990 - 2016)

  • Measuring the Routine and Non-Routine Task Content of 427 Four-Digit ISCO-08 Occupations

  • Multiple jobholding in Europe

  • Occupation > industry predictions for measuring industry in surveys (2019)

  • Revealing variation in employment institutions: a cluster analysis of OECD and EU countries

  • The regulation of employment conditions of labour migrants in the temporary work agencies sector: The cases of the Netherlands and the UK

  • The value of work in a changing labour market

  • The value of work in a changing labour market: a review and research agenda