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The project PHS-Quality is financed by the European Commission, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue Programme (project reference VS/2018/0041).
Event details of Job Quality and Industrial Relations in the Personal and Household Services Sector
22 February 2019
09:00 -16:15




9.00 - 9.15

Introduction – progress of the project 

European perspectives

Welcome, brief introduction - discussing the project development – Prof. Dr. Keune coordinator and Nuria Ramos Martin co-coordinator


Country reports I – summary of main results: Germany, The Netherlands 

Brief presentations of

the national situation of the PHS sector (focus on domestic work/cleaning and care of dependants), overview of the regulatory framework, public policies, collective bargaining, and social dialogue issues.




Karen Jaehrling, Claudia Weinkopf GE

Nuria Ramos NL

Content of the national reports. 


Thomas Fischer GE

Birgit Malzahn GE



Country reports II - results: Denmark, UK


Trine Larsen DK

Eleonore Koffman, Erica Howard, UK

Content of the national reports.


Lydia Hayes UK

10.45 - 11.00 

Coffe break


11.00 -12.00

Country reports III - results: Slovakia, Czechia, France


Maria Sedlakova SL 

Monika Martišková CZ

Hanneke Bennaars FR

Content of the country reports 

Feedback: Petra Ezzeddine CZ

12.00 - 13.00 


 Catering 6th floor Law Faculty

13.00 - 13.45

Country reports IV: Spain, Finland


Ana Belén Munoz, Francisco Gómez, Pablo Jimeno SP

Minna van Gerven FI

Content of the national reports.

Feedback: Natalia Ollus FI

13.45 - 15.00

Round table: Experts views on the regulatory framework, the situation of vulnerable groups of workers (women & migrants), and the evolution of industrial relations in the PHS sector



Feedback, comments on the project results, views of the experts;


Natalia Ollus (HEUNI) FI

Thomas Fischer GE

Petra Ezzeddine CZ

Wim van der Hoorn (FNV) NL 

15.00 – 15.15

Coffe break



15.15– 16.00

- Open debate

- Feedback 

- Discussing Findings

- Issues concerning comparative framework on the evolution of industrial relations in personal and household services in the EU

– Discussion on synergies and different approaches. 

Input from the participants

Adjusting content of country reports, policy papers, and final versions.

Discussing the structure and content of the final overview report

– Prof. Keune coordinator - Research team – invited experts

16.00 – 16.15

Work plan – dissemination activities, Planning  next steps/administrative issues/other questions

Organising project activities, changes on the final reports, deadlines.

Discussing the dissemination strategy, future publications, panel/papers submissions to national events/international conferences.

N. Ramos Martín coordinator/Research team





End of the meeting – Reception