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Not everyone will be able to work from home under the best possible conditions, which may have led to physical complaints by now. If that is the case for you, check for yourself whether you can still improve something in your situation.

Do you have an office workplace at home with an office chair?

 Then use it the way you are used to in the office; see Tips for an ideal workplace.

Don't have an office chair?

If you have a chair that is not adjustable, check if you have a chair where the seat height in relation to the table ensures that you don't have to raise your shoulders as much as possible. Many chairs have a seat height that is too low. In that case you can increase the seat height with a firm cushion. Make sure that you slide your belly against the table so that your arms can rest on the table.

If your legs dangle or just can't reach the floor, make sure you have a footrest. What can help in that case is a sturdy shoebox or stairs for the children.  

Don't have a desk?

If you don't have a desk at home, look for the table with the thinnest top (including supporting structure). A table with a thin top prevents you from getting stuck with your legs if you need to sit a bit higher (on a cushion). 

Do you work with a laptop?

Then use a separate separate mouse, a separate keyboard and a laptop booster (or a pile of books). This prevents an incriminating, bent forward posture.

Alternate sitting with standing when you're in the lucky possession of a 'triptrap chair'

A so called triptrap chair is perfect for height adjustment. Put the triptrap chair on the table. You use the seat to place your screen. The bottom shelf is ideal for mouse and keyboard. Then make sure your arms rest at a 90 degree angle.

Don't have a loose mouse and/or keyboard or do you urgently need a real office chair?

Report this to your manager and discuss the possibilities. Peripheral equipment such as mice and keyboards as well as office chairs can also be borrowed from the faculty.

This works as follows:

  • First ask your manager for permission by e-mail;
  • Print the mail with the permission and go to the campus on working days between 8.00 - 18.00 hours via the entrance at the REC-A hall. The mail serves as proof for the security guards that you have permission to bring peripherals;
  • Only take stuff from your own workplace and bring the stuff back when we don't have to work at home anymore.

Need more advice?

Check the information about working from home:

Or contact Health and Safety Coordinator Tineke Seinstra for further advice.