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New internships regulations for Master's students entered into force in September. The Internship course is now one of the experiential learning courses offered by the Amsterdam Law Practice (ALP), and new requirements have been set for earning credits through internships. Among other things, students will be required to attend a series of lectures on professional ethics and professional identity by Iris van Domselaar.

As of September 2019, internships have become part of the experiential learning curriculum at the Amsterdam Law Practice (ALP). The aim of the internship course is to teach students to reflect on their performance as a legal adviser in a real-life work environment as part of their professional development.

Lecture series

In the ‘Legal Ethics and Professional Identity for Legal Professionals’ lecture series and the accompanying literature, students will explore the relevant professional-ethical frameworks and social-psychological insights. They can subsequently use these insights to reflect on their experiences during the internship. 

Practical experience

The internship will additionally give students the opportunity to gain practical experience within the discipline of their Master’s programme or track, where they can take the knowledge, skills and insights they have gained during their studies and apply these in real-life situations. This course also provides an ideal setting for career orientation, since students get to know the ins and outs within a specific law firm.  


The work placement will be assessed based on a work placement report in which students reflect on topics such as how they fulfilled their role as a legal adviser during the work placement, which dilemmas they encountered and how they dealt with these situations.