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As part of the course Legal Professionals: Integrity, The Amsterdam Centre on the Legal Professions has scheduled a series of public guest lectures on, indeed, Integrity and the Legal Professional. The lecture series is open to all students and employees.

8 January 2018, Jan Leliveld (lawyer at Van Doorne) discusses a number of pitfalls and dilemmas concerning integrity in the field of the commercial law.

15 January 2018, Kitty Nooy (Head of the Integrity Bureau of the Public Prosecution Service) and Miranda de Meijer (endowed professor Public Prosecution Service, UvA) will be giving the guest lecture. They will discuss integrity issues at the Public Prosecution Service and how they are dealt with.

22 January 2018, Ruth de Bock (Advocate General of the Supreme Court and endowed professor in Special Aspects of Private Law) will present her thoughts on the subject of integrity and the judiciary.

The guest lectures are open to all students and employees. Register by email with Iris van Domselaar. Start 11.00. Location: A2.07.