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Johan Legemaate, Professor of Health Law, has been ranked 85th in the ‘Skipr top 99’ decision makers in healthcare for 2018. Legemaate is one of the few professors on the list.

The ‘Skipr 99’ is a ranking of influential players in the healthcare sector. The ranking doesn’t include formal decision-makers like the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport - only individuals whose status and influence gives them some say in health care policy.

Wouter Bos, for example, is chairman of the board of directors of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam VUmc, and was ranked number 1; Alexander Rinnooy Kan, chairman of the supervisory board of Academic Medical Centre (Amsterdam) AMC, is number 8; and Femke Halsema, chairman of the Dutch Association for Care and Support for People with a Handicap VGN, number 17.

Regulatory recommendations

Johan Legemaate, besides being a Professor of Health Law, is also a legal adviser. “I believe that my ranking in the top 99 is mainly due to my advisory work for the Dutch Association of Supervisors in Care and Welfare as chairman of the committee that in its report ‘Mandate and Moeras', gave recommendations concerning the fundamental principles of internal supervision. Rather than provide a set of rules, the recommendations were an argument for a new line of thinking. That was an unusual approach - which apparently got noticed.”

In 2016, Legemaate was also involved in an independent investigation into medical errors at the ‘Tergooi’ hospital. In 2014 a 21-year-old man died there unexpectedly. The independent committee of inquiry ultimately concluded that the hospital had failed to assess the young man’s condition properly, and that the case was, wrongly, not reported as a medical calamity.

Passing on experience

Legemaate is pleased with his ranking in the Skipr top 99. “It is important to me that my expertise be put to good use in the practice of healthcare - but I also get a lot in return. In addition to being a professor I am also a legal expert at the AMC and in that capacity, I am able to share my practical experiences with both medical and law students. That is very gratifying.”