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Results: 141 - 160 of 166
Results: 141 - 160 of 166
  • The return of Minerva
    30 Jan 2018
    The law faculty has been reunited with its Minerva! – which took some doing: the newly cast floor had to be thoroughly tested first to see if it could bear the weight of the statue and its plinth. The plinth alone ...
  • SIDN funding for 'filter bubble' research
    30 Jan 2018
    How do you prevent online newspapers and search engines from keeping us stuck inside a 'filter bubble'? Natali Helbelger (IViR), Judith Moeller and Bob van der Velde (FMG, ASCoR) are working on a diversity toolkit ...
  • Irina Domurath awarded the Faculty Prize
    23 Jan 2018
    For the seventh year running, the faculty prize for the best publication of the year is awarded to a young researcher. The jury unanimously agreed on the winner: Irina Domurath, for her article 'Mortgage debt and the ...
  • Mohamad Ibrahim Al Houran
    Highly educated refugees at work at the Amsterdam Law School
    23 Jan 2018
    The Amsterdam Law School is participating in the joint-UvA and HvA 'Work Experience trajectory for Highly Educated Refugees'. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Houran has been at the Legal Library since January 2018. He studied ...
  • Presentation Climate Principles for Enterprises
    16 Jan 2018
    A group headed by Jaap Spier (PPLE) has mapped out the legal obligations of companies and investors with regard to climate change, and its Climate Principles for Enterprises will be presented on 18 January 2018.
  • Rolef de Weijs’ inaugural lecture provokes questions in parliament
    16 Jan 2018
    The issue at the heart of Rolef de Weijs’ inaugural lecture “All in Disarray? How bankruptcy legislation is threatening to turn against creditors” has once again provoked questions in parliament, this time from the ...
  • NWO subsidy for indirect vaccination research
    9 Jan 2018
    Roland Pierik (General Legal Theory) and Marcel Verweij (Philosophy, Wageningen University) received funding from the NWO ZonMw for a doctoral research project on indirect vaccination.
  • Public guest lectures Legal Professionals
    19 Dec 2017
    As part of the course Legal Professionals: Integrity, The Amsterdam Centre on the Legal Professions has scheduled a series of public guest lectures on, indeed, Integrity and the Legal Professional. The lecture series ...
  • Aukje van Hoek, new member of the Senate
    18 Dec 2017
    Aukje van Hoek, professor of private international law, has been appointed to the UvA Senate for a three-year term. Her predecessor in that function was Adrienne de Moor. Aukje van Hoek answers ‘Five questions about ...
  • Johan Legemaate in the Skipr top 99
    18 Dec 2017
    Johan Legemaate, Professor of Health Law, has been ranked 85th in the ‘Skipr top 99’ decision makers in healthcare for 2018. Legemaate is one of the few professors on the list.
  • New toolkit for migration-related crime
    12 Dec 2017
    T-STAN: Toolkit on Smuggling and Trafficking, a project headed by Jill Coster van Voorhout (ACIL and section Criminal Law) and financed by NWO-WOTRO, has reached completion. Migration-related crime in Libya and en ...
  • Flows of data to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’
    21 Nov 2017
    In principle, it should be possible to create a state-of-the-art digital economy between Japan and the EU. To this end, data protection legislation in Japan and the EU is readily reconcilable. So said Marija Bartl ...
  • Ingo Venzke to deliver keynote lecture at Expert Conference of Council of Europe
    21 Nov 2017
    Ingo Venzke has been invited to give a key-note lecture at the Expert Conference of the Council of Europe. At the Conference, representatives of Council of Europe Member States will meet with judges of the European ...
  • 7 November 2017: debate with Humberto Tan about ‘The Lawyer of the Future’
    7 Nov 2017
    Join us today at the debate on 'The Lawyer of the Future’, led by Humberto Tan, at 03.00 p.m! A panel of six lawyers will engage in debate with each other and the audience about the hot topics important for all ...
  • Workshop: Judicial activism in a changing European legal order
    10 Oct 2017
    Chantal Mak, Laura Burgers and Anna van Duin organised a workshop on 28-29 September 2017 about so-called ‘hard cases’ of private law. The European judiciary increasingly takes on legislative authority when deciding ...
  • Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci,Amsterdam University College,AUC law,faculty
    5 questions to Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci about the EALE
    26 Sep 2017
    Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, has recently been elected President of the European Association of Law & Economics (EALE). The EALE is the oldest Law & Economics (L&E) ...
  • Fair News: news in a Big Data era
    26 Sep 2017
    How far can algorithms go in filtering information and how far should they be allowed to go? When are fundamental rights put at risk? These are the most important questions addressed in a new project entitled Fair ...
  • Anniek de Ruijter
    Veni grant for Anniek de Ruijter
    12 Sep 2017
    Anniek de Ruijter, Assistant Professor of European Law, has been awarded a Veni grant for her research into improved legal safeguards at the EU level, aimed at tackling major public health crises such as outbreaks of ...
  • Dorien Pessers
    Farewell to Professor Dorien Pessers
    6 Jun 2017
    After having worked at the UvA for over thirty years, Dorien Pessers, professor of The Foundations of Private Life in Legal Theory (Rechtstheoretische grondslagen van de persoonlijke levenssfeer), will give her ...
  • Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius writes a study on the ePrivacy proposal
    19 Apr 2017
    The Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament asked Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius to write a study on the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on ...