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Study programme

Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic

In the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic students will acquire knowledge to be able to build up a decent work case. Both international and national labour law and several legal doctrines will be applied with the aim to remedy violations of fundamental labour rights.

In a seminar setting, students receive guidance on the writing of legal reports and library instruction geared to their specific case. They will also give a brief presentation of their ongoing research. The legal report forms the end product of the course, and students will spend most of their time researching and writing that report together with other team members under the guidance of supervisors.


In the foreseen thematic workshops the students will acquire a thorough knowledge of the regulation of work and the role of labour and equality law at EU and international level (ILO, UN, and Council of Europe). The information provided will allow them to be able to analyse labour law, decent work, and equality law issues in the national legal context.

In the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic, the thematic workshops will provide participants with an overview of the European, international and Dutch legislation prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sex, race or ethnic origin, as well as on disability, age, sexual orientation or religion/beliefs in a number of areas.

Key issues for discussion will include:

  • Sources of law
  • Key concepts: Direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment
  • Burden of proof
  • Remedies and sanctions