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Clinical programme

Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic

Teamwork and a hands-on approach

Top students in their final years of study at the Amsterdam Law School carry out research in teams at the Clinic. They are closely supervised by members of the Faculty, among others from the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, AIAS-HSI. They receive intensive, hands-on, guidance on how to conduct legal research, and how to write a legal opinion for external clients Emphasis is placed on professionalism, high quality work, teamwork, and respect for confidentiality.

Clinical work

Clinical work consists of projects undertaken for clients for which the students conduct legal research, provide legal advice and draft legal documents. The clinical work is conducted in a team of 3 – 5 students with regular meetings with supervisors (and clients).

Clinical Programme

In addition to the Clinical Programme of the Amsterdam Law Clinics, the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic offers a thematic workshop to its students.

Through this workshop students will acquire a thorough knowledge of the regulation of work and the role of labour and equality law at EU and international level (ILO, UN, and Council of Europe). An overview will be provided of the European, international and Dutch legislation prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sex, race or ethnic origin, as well as on disability, age, sexual orientation or religion/beliefs in a number of areas.  This background will allow students to analyse labour law, decent work, and equality law issues in the national and international legal context. 

Key issues for discussion will include:

  • Sources of law
  • Key concepts: Direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment
  • Burden of proof
  • Remedies and sanctions

Experiencies from former clinic students

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Participating in the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic was an excellent way for me to get a better grasp of what it is like to work for a client as a lawyer. I learned a great deal from writing a case file together with the actual lawyers, and working with students from different masters was really helpful and provided new insights. Lejla Brkic (FWELC Spring ’20) Master Staats- en Bestuursrecht

Current and prior projects and publications

A previous case of the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinic looked at the issue of (indirect) discrimination. The case concerned the topic of equal pay for men and women. The legal question at hand saw to the practice of basing the salary of an employee on his/her last-earned salary in a previous job and whether this constitutes (indirect) discrimination of women. In this case, the clinic has been working together with pro bono lawyers.

Currently, the Fair Work and Equality Law Clinics researches whether the exclusion from social security benefits of workers who work less than four days a week as a domestic worker - which includes providing medical care on the basis of government budget provided to their private employers  -  constitutes (indirect) discrimination against women, given that the vast majority of these domestic workers are women.

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