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Employers in the greenhouse horticulture sector are experiencing a growing labour shortage because of the decreased availability of Polish labour migrants. During the lunch seminar I will present the results of my qualitative research whether employers, in response to this shortage, adjust their personnel strategy and start to pay more attention to the interests of migrant workers. From the interviews it became clear that a production process in which only general skills are required goes hand in hand with a personnel strategy in which the emphasis is on cost reduction and the use of flexible workers, even in a situation of a tighter labour market. There is a direct relationship between the production process and the personnel strategy. Once employers employ a large number of migrant workers, Dutch employees show low willingness to work in the sector, employers have built up long-term relationships with temporary employment agencies, and the costs of transitioning to another production process are high, employers will continue to use the same personnel strategy, which is an indication of the existence of path dependency. In response to the labour shortage employers have reduced job requirements, which has increased the availability of European labour migrants, alleviating the severity of the shortage.

Event details of Anita Strockmeijer, AIAS-HSI lunch seminar "Shortage and personnel strategies in greenhouse horticulture"
Date 11 April 2019
Time 12:00 -13:30
Organised by Nuria Ramos Martin